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It is a fundamental right for everyone to have a say in the decisions made in society. Age should not be a factor which affects this right; the decisions made by the council will directly affect our future, which is why our interest and input in the changes made at both a national and International level is vital.

If elected as MYP I pledge to:

1- Allow one young person’s representative to be present when any major decisions are made by the local council, regarding matters related to young people.

In the past, major decisions affecting us have been made without our consultation, such as the dramatic rise in tuition fees, which led to the protest of many students last summer. Although I do not single handedly have the power to change tuition or public transport fees, increasing the influence of young people in making decisions on matters similar to these, is something that I believe I can achieve to help prevent debacles like this happening in the future.

 2-Connect local businesses with schools to in order to set up a base for their future employment & reduce the jump from education to work

I’m familiar with the most common excuse given by employers to young people searching for jobs; we tend to ‘lack experience’. If no one is willing to help us gain this experience, how are we expected to progress? Local businesses in the Borough should converse with young people in order to help them gain the necessary knowledge and skills which will be instrumental in their success and achievements later on in life.

 3- Improve the negativity addressed towards young people, through recognizing their achievements.

Every individual has achieved something which is worth celebrating. If elected as MYP, I will make it my priority to ensure these achievements and the improvements of people such as young offenders are highlighted regularly through regular awards ceremonies, to give young people the incentive to continue past the negativity that has been addressed towards them.


Thank You,
Sogand Shaker